Convenience orders let you get common convenience items, like snacks and essentials, with a faster delivery time from the stores you already shop. These orders may be delivered in as fast as 30 minutes and are often available late night. You can access convenience offerings by selecting the Convenience category at the top of your Instacart shopping experience. 

For the best deal, we suggest keeping an order placed with a virtual convenience retailer (e.g. Kroger Delivery Now) under $35. If your order goes over $35, we recommend placing the order through your usual storefront  (e.g. Kroger).

The Convenience category can be found on the homepage of the Instacart website or app (at the top). Stores in the Convenience category include traditional convenience stores (like 7-Eleven), pharmacy stores (like Walgreens), and convenience versions of grocery stores (i.e. Kroger, Publix, etc.) with smaller Convenience-specific product offerings. 

Fee breakdown 

If Instacart+ member—

  • Convenience orders under $35 currently have a waived priority fee. Orders must be over $10.

If non-Instacart+ member—

  • Convenience orders under $35 get free delivery. Orders must be over $10.

Learn more about Instacart fees and taxes.